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Conference: Wars Before the War, 1911-1914

In Dublin for this UCD conference examining the period between the Second Moroccan Crisis in 1911 and the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

R.B. McDowell (1922-2011) obituary

A link to the obituary of R.B. McDowell, who died in August, in The Guardian. I was lucky enough to receive the R.B. McDowell Ussher Fellowship 2003-2006, without which I would not have been able to undertake my doctoral research.

David Cannadine on history in the National Curriculum

Click here for David Cannadine’s sobering article on proposed reforms to the National Curriculum and history’s place in it, The Guardian, Tuesday 22nd November 2011.

RHS Newsletter, November 2011

Follow this link to read more about the RHS Centenary Fellowship awarded to me in 2006.

Western Morning News, 11.11.11

Please follow this link to read my opinion piece on Remembrance Day in Devon and Cornwall’s Western Morning News.


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